The General Adventuring Company

Duck Heist (Part 2) Mini Quest

August 17, 2021

Welcome to a Mini Quest episode!! A series separate from the Main Campaign, where the cast of TGAC and special guests play different TTRPG’s in different settings! 
Today is a modified version of Grant Howitt’s “Honey Heist” with Adam, Kaley, Ceasare, and Gm’d by Julian. 
Join us for the heist of the century in Duck Heist, Part 2!! 

Content Warnings: pg-16 level profanity. Adult themes, and violence.

The General Adventuring Company is a weekly actual-play tabletop rpg podcast and video production.

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The Logo, and Character Art is by Kaley Reid @pastadorable 
The Overlay is by Apollo Avery, @apollinares 
The music and sound effects are from Epidemic Sound, at 

The Game Master is Julian Hermano, @jw1ian
Danny Broadbill, is Adam Sowards, @sowards_adam
Goosetav Ganderbilt is Kaley Reid, @kaleydid
Frankie Feathers is Ceasare Orlando, @c3asare
The Editors are Nicolas Girardin, @nic609, 
And Matthew Eberle, @MatthewEberlePhotography

Production Credits:
Adam Sowards = Creative Director, Business Manager, Editing Team.
Kaley Reid = Lead Visual Artist. 
Maddie Wright = Social Media Manager, Co-Marketing/Branding Team.
Julian Hermano = Production Coordinator, Co-Marketing/Branding Team. 
Ceasare Orlando = Director of Photography, Co-Marketing/Branding Team. 
Nicolas Girardin and Matthew Eberle = Editors

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